What Is World Diabetic Month And How To Benefit From It?

World Diabetic

Many of us resonate with November as ‘No Shave November’ but how many of you know that November is also the ‘Diabetes Awareness Month’ with 14th November celebrated as a global event which increases awareness about diabetes through hundreds of campaigns, activities, screenings, lectures, meetings and different kinds of interpretations. One thing common in all these different actions during the month is spreading the message about diabetes and raising awareness for the condition. There is a set theme every year for World Diabetic Day and this year it is about ‘Protecting Your Family’, according to the World Diabetes Day Organisation.

The reason why is it celebrated on 14th November is because it is the birthday of Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922. So, what is better than celebrating the man who created a vital history of diabetes.

Protecting your family’

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The theme emphasizes on the fact that the first step to preventing diabetes, especially type 2, is knowing your risk. Today, diabetes concerns more than half of the families and this theme focuses on raising awareness of the impact that diabetes has on a family and support network of those affected. It does so by promoting the role of a family in the management, care, prevention, and education of diabetes. A few reasons that make this theme even more relevant to us are as follows:

Over 425 million people are currently living with diabetes with more than 80 million of it living in India

  • 1 in 2 people currently living with type 2 diabetes is undiagnosed.
  • Diabetes is an acute and passable disease that grounds its roots for the upcoming generation
  • It is one of the diseases whose management is expensive individual and their families.
  • The emotional impact of diabetes is a vital concern in families Roughly, 1 in 4 family members are aware of the disease

What can you do this month?

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Like every other awareness, the change starts from you! To help you get benefitted from the month here are a few things that will let you make smaller changes with bigger impacts.

Promise yourself a healthier lifestyle

Simply review your habits – do you give yourself enough sleep? Do you have any physical activity included in your day? Do you eat healthily? Do you drink enough water? For how long do you sit without mobility? Do you manage your stress? Figure out the answers to these questions and commit today for a healthier lifestyle.

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, make yourself a diabetic kit

The items in your kit may include blood glucose monitoring supplies, glucose tablets or gel, a thermometer, ketone test strips, hand sanitizer, an alarm clock or timer to stay on top of your glucose levels, and soft wipe tissues. It’s your list so tailor it for your needs. In fact, you can make a kit for someone who needs it in your family.

Make or buy yourself a special cookbook

We all know how eating right is vital for a diabetic or healthy life. So instead of juggling with your meal options every day, take some time for yourself and make a cookbook of tasty treats that not only your body but palate will thank you for.

Give yourself a full-body check-update

Diabetes can hurt your heart along with a lot more vital organs. Take out some time and give yourself the care you need.

Lastly, leverage the month for awareness as much as you can, flood it all on your social media because no one’s going to blame you.

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