The Most Neglected Sunny Side of Being Diabetic

Managing diabetes is a full-time job and rather a hard one, with all the bad that it is doing or can do to your body, but how often do you look at the other side of the coin? Let us bet, not much. Clearly, diagnosis with diabetes can seem very negative, with lots of ‘don’ts’ and ‘can’t’ and to be fair, you have to make sure that you keep yourself aware of the effects and don’t do anything to make things worse. Having said that, life has to go on so how about some positives.

You don’t need a reason to eat cheese

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While you have to keep your sweets and carbohydrates in strict control, cheese comes guilt-free in your life. It’s filling, low-carb, delicious and most importantly, you can definitely take pride in being the cheese connoisseur of your group.

Higher needle tolerance

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If you’re consistent about your blood sugar tests, you pretty much know how unaffected you might become from syringes or needles. Absolutely no fear!

A relatively better diet than an average person

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There’s no denying from the fact that because of diabetes you get to eat a relatively better diet –both in terms of health and taste. Be it about keeping the junk food in check or switching kinds of pasta for salads.

You can bond instantly with diabetic strangers

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All that you need to befriend a stranger is the known fact that he is diabetic. Now you have a mutual never-ending and highly relatable topic to bond over, right?

Refuse food you don’t want and blame diabetes

It is as good denying what you don’t want to eat as it is to eat what you want. And the best part, nobody will dare argue in your food choices!

A little extra motivation to exercise every day

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While diabetes certainly has the potential to wreak havoc on your health, it also forces you to pay attention to it which makes regular exercising inarguable.

Proof that your are strong

Despite all the doctor check-ups, needle pricks, health screenings, calculated diet, and of course, medicines living the not-so-normal life so seamlessly is the beauty only a strong person can hold. If that’s not the definition of strong then what is?
We’ll say if you have it already, why not look at the bright side of it and make your life a rather happy place to be in?

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