Diabetes, Mental Health, And Seven Ways You Can Improve

Mental Health

How important is mental health to you? Do you feel your mental wellbeing is collapsing in the recent events of the time? A study states that people with diabetes are twice higher at risk of depression than the general population. There can be many reasons why this theory is justifiable. Diabetic patients are often anxious and fearful when diagnosed with a disease or otherwise accompanied by fear, frustration, and guilt that stems from lifestyle mismanagement and ignorance. If you are a diabetic and you are yet to get comfortable with the condition, take one day at a time and just know you already are a superhero. It is not easy to feel ‘okay’ all the time especially with blood sugar fluctuation, an uninvited guest slithering into every day’s schedules. 

Changes in the blood sugar levels can make you feel like you have no energy to fight for the solutions and sometimes it can get in the way of your work, relationships, and other daily activities. Working on a healthy active lifestyle with a proper diet plan plays a huge role in managing your diabetes as well as your mental health.    

Most of the time, diabetics feel responsible for the disease and they are most likely to have negative emotions because of it. Adjusting to a new lifestyle can be hard for anyone and sometimes this is overlooked which again leads to stress. If you are a diabetic, it is very important to be aware of your mental and emotional health and don’t be afraid to talk about it and seek help. If you suppress those very hurtful thoughts in the name of fear, most likely you will not find a solution but it will get much worse with time. Thorough research has been made on how you can improve your mental health in spite of your health conditions. Here we go. 

Seven Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health 

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Identify what is causing the negative feeling in you. Cross-examine if it’s more physical pain or emotional drain out and address those thoughts immediately without delay so the condition doesn’t get further worse. This is the first and foremost. Seek help from friends and family or a therapist if you are unable to identify the problem all by yourself and it’s completely okay.  



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Suppressing the emotions without addressing them can be more dangerous than fear. Acknowledging those fears and negative emotions is a way of embracing and accepting. This way you will be able to focus on solutions rather than just on the problems. 



Seeking therapy or a therapist is always a good way to go as that will give you awareness and confidence to deal with the situation. People with diabetes tend to take more stress without addressing it which in the long term may cause fatigue, trouble thinking clearly, and anxiety. Seeking therapy will relieve you from the general stress and another emotional load that probably might be carrying it for the longest time. There is no shyness in seeking help! 



Adjusting to a new lifestyle with keeping track of medications and other doctor-prescribed things may sound boring killing all the enthusiasm but on the other note, just know life is bigger than everything, and with few precautions and minor changes, you will be able to lead a normal life. So take your medications and doctor appointments seriously.


Community engagement is the most underrated thing that people will hardly tell you. Being in the community or part of the community will help you discuss things that otherwise you might not be comfortable speaking. This will give you awareness of the new developments and treatments to tackle the disease and boost your confidence. 


Eat Right/ Exercise   

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Research suggests that 90% of diabetes is caused due to a lack of proper lifestyle management. Poor eating habits are very common among diabetics. Try to strictly stick to your diet plan as advised by your doctor or nutritionist. Make a list of what you should eat and what you should not so your blood sugar levels stay normal for the maximum time. Follow a proper diet and exercise schedule to make health your priority.


Foster Good Habits 

Smoking and drinking alcohol regularly can impact your health in unwanted ways, especially if you are diabetic then strictly say no to these things. Fostering good habits like your sleep, diet, exercise will help you in managing diabetes and your mental health effectively


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