Can Sleeve Balloon Replace Gastric Bypass surgery?

In an all new study by the researchers for the EBioMedicine Journal, a new device named Sleevebaloon came forward, something that could replace Gastric Bypass surgery a common surgery that is recommended to Type 2 diabetic patients to regulate blood sugar and cut down on excessive weight. But before we discuss about the device let’s first delve into the health aspects of gastric bypass surgery and how it works.

Surgical Pros and Cons

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Among a few types of bariatric surgery procedures, there are variations like reducing the size of the stomach, or the sleeve Gastrectomy and dividing the stomach into two compartments, a small first one and second larger one and connecting both to the small intestine, or the Gastric Bypass Surgery. The result is a loss in appetite leading to a significant drop in the weight and therefore blood sugar level. But the procedure, is not only really intrusive, it is also a really aggressive option, considering the fact that the patient’s stomach is altered completely in most surgeries. Though the surgery really helps in the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes, only a few patients are eligible and only one percent are actually offered the surgery.

The Sleevebaloon:

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Coming back to sleeveballoon, the device that comprises of a balloon connected with a sleeve covering the initial parts of the small intestine. Since no alteration is made to organs the device comes across as a really simple option, when compared to other surgeries. Also, the effects may be not only similar but better than gastric bypass surgery. On a research conducted over 30 rodents, which were fed with a high-fat diet, the result was impressive with blood glucose levels dropping by 60 percent, similar to that of surgery. But, unlike the surgery effect which causes rapid rise in blood glucose levels after consuming food, which can cause hypoglycaemia, the sleevebaloon slows down digestion and has a steadying effect on blood sugar levels.

The sleevebaloon can be a revolutionary remedy for type 2 diabetes, and with the Diabetes Awareness month, the device may come as a relief for obesity and diabetes induced patients.


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