The Oddly Interesting Trajectory Of Diabetes

Did you know that consuming poison and having extreme levels of sugar in  your body does nearly the same harm? Diabetes is rightly called the silent killer, this much that an average person can live with it for upto 10 years without noticing any stark symptoms. However, diabetes is not a new phenomenon, it has […]

What Is World Diabetic Month And How To Benefit From It?

Many of us resonate with November as ‘No Shave November’ but how many of you know that November is also the ‘Diabetes Awareness Month’ with 14th November celebrated as a global event which increases awareness about diabetes through hundreds of campaigns, activities, screenings, lectures, meetings and different kinds of interpretations. One thing common in all […]

Diabetes In India: From Types To Trouble

In 2016 approximately 1.6 million died from Diabetes, a disease that seems feeble and is ignored continuously grows over the world the population especially India, subsequently being called the diabetic capital of the world. What we know is that India counts for 49 percent of the world’s diabetic population, which is about 72 million individuals […]

Top 10 Diabetes Myths in India – Debunked

With over 7 crore people affected, Diabetes Mellitus is a growing concern in India with over 7 crore people diagnosed with the disease, the awareness however regarding the clarity on the subject is scarce and has a long way to go. Diabetes affects one’s body in multiple aspects, from immunity to weight, to the overall […]

The Most Neglected Sunny Side of Being Diabetic

Managing diabetes is a full-time job and rather a hard one, with all the bad that it is doing or can do to your body, but how often do you look at the other side of the coin? Let us bet, not much. Clearly, diagnosis with diabetes can seem very negative, with lots of ‘don’ts’ […]

Difference Between Insulin Resistance And Diabetes

Does your report say that you have Insulin resistance but doctors did not tell you of any alarming health condition? We know it is confusing and in fact, a lot of times insulin resistance is also misunderstood as diabetes, which is not always the case. If not for worst, many of us also confuse it […]

The Mind-boggling T1 Diabetes Research Studies Of 2019

We can always debate what a ‘cure’ is for diabetes; considering a smart machine, even a wickedly smart one, as a cure might be relevant for some and not for others. This is why medical technology and research continue to make advancements year by year to bring out new horizons for a cure and better […]

The Complete Exercise Guide For a Diabetic Beginner

The second most focused element for healthy living after the balanced diet is exercise and there’s no exception for diabetic persons also. In fact, it is rather more important for a person with prediabetes or diabetes to have a moderate exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day, if not more. Put simply, the […]

Can Sleeve Balloon Replace Gastric Bypass surgery?

In an all new study by the researchers for the EBioMedicine Journal, a new device named Sleevebaloon came forward, something that could replace Gastric Bypass surgery a common surgery that is recommended to Type 2 diabetic patients to regulate blood sugar and cut down on excessive weight. But before we discuss about the device let’s […]